What’s Your Play Type?

The following is a quiz that will show you your Play Type. Try to be a honest as you can. But if you like, totally lie and then see what answer you get. The fun of games is playing pretend. And yet when we pretend, we reveal truths.

And then you can share and compare your answer with your friends.

1.What role do you like to play in a group?
2.How would you prefer to gain experience?
3.When do you like to compete with people the most?
4.Your biggest issues with other players is:
5.You’re in a dungeon. What are you doing?
6.You come across a very rare resource node like Frost Lotus. What are you going to do with it?
7.What do you like to do at the end of a dungeon/raid?
8.What type of class most interests you and why?
9.Exploring Azeroth is…
10.The best professions are:
11.When I come back into town after questing I:
12.My favorite kinds of quests are:
13.I feel great when:
14.Leveling up to the endgame affords me the ability to:
15.You suddenly have an influx of gold. What do you spend it on?

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